Tuesday, May 12, 2015

10 ways to use bee pollen:

Note: You do not want to heat bee pollen because this will destroy all of its beneficial nutrients. To grind bee pollen you can use a mortar and pestle, or you can process it in a coffee/spice grinder.

  1. Use granules as a topping over yogurt or cereal
  2. Add ground bee pollen to cooling homemade granola while it is still moist and sticky.
  3. Blend ground pollen or granules into a smoothie
  4. Incorporate into raw protein bars, raw desserts or candies
  5. Sprinkle granules directly over salad
  6. Incorporate ground pollen into salad dressing such as a honey mustard
  7. Sprinkle ground pollen over popcorn
  8. Use granules as a garnish on top of dark chocolate
  9. Use ground pollen as a coating for sugared almonds or hazelnuts
  10. Toast whole wheat bread, smear with chocolate hazelnut spread and sprinkle with bee pollen granules.